Kogan.com’s full year profit soars

Company News

by Rachael Jones

Kogan.com (ASX:KGN) has reported its net profit after tax (NPAT) is $14.1 million for the financial year 2018, that’s up by $10.4 million from $3.7 million on the prior corresponding period.

In more good news for the company, its revenue from ordinary activities strengthened to $412.3 million - that represents an increase of 42.4 per cent or $122.8 million compared to the prior year.

Their EBITDA is of $26.0 million, up $16.5 million on FY17, although 2017 did include $3.0 million of one-off costs related to the Company’s Initial Public Offering in July 2016.

2018 final dividend declared 6.1 cents. 

Shares in Kogan.com (ASX:KGN) closed 9.06% higher to $6.50 yesterday