MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) Presentation, FNN Investor Event, June 2018, Sydney

Company Presentations

MGM Wireless Limited (ASX:MWR) CEO, Mark Fortunatow presents on the company's world-first SPACETALK two-way 3G communication and GPS tracking smartwatch, its expansion plans and its schools business.

Key points:

- 30 per cent of all smartwatch sales will be children ages 5-13
- Pure smartwatch sales forecasted to grow from 2017: $9.3b to $17.4b (2017-2021)
- Smartwatches are on pace to achieve the greatest revenue potential among all wearables through 2021
- Valuation modelling
- App fees kept low
- Technological advances and societal changes increase the desire

For more, watch the CEO, Mark Fortunatow present.