Sky and Space Global lists their 'world firsts'

Company News

by Rachael Jones

Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) has noted their key achievements since listing on the ASX in 2016.

They are the only space company publicly listed in Australia.

Sky and Space Global continues to be a leader in global space and nano-satellite technology and a pioneer of the Australian Space Industry.

SAS completed a number of nano-satellite telecommunication “world-firsts” with the 3 Diamonds in 2017/18, including first ever phone calls, financial transactions, IOT/machine to machine services and instant messaging through nano-satellites.

Successful integration of Check Point software into the SAS network to mitigate cyber security risk with one of the world leading cyber companies

The Australian Space industry has recently been given a major boost with the recent announcement by the Australian Federal Government regarding the creation of a National Space Agency.

Shares in Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) 2.35 per cent lower at 8 cents