Phylogica (ASX:PYC) AGM Presentation, November 2017

Company Presentations

Phylogica Limited (ASX:PYC) CEO, Stephanie Unwin and Dr Katrin Hoffmann, Director Scientific Operations talk about the company’s strategy, scientific platform and direction for 2018.


- Pivoting from developing drugs to commercialising the platform
- Advantage in using our assets as a platform to solve Pharma problems
- Value to Pharma shown by validating diverse sets of cargoes and cell types
- 2018: PYC funded to validate cargoes/ targets increasing Pharma interest in partnering for drug discovery
- Phylogica shortens Pharma discovery phase
- In the platform landscape, PYC uses its technology for the undruggable
- BIO: Customer feedback
- To achieve PYC – the Platform: Phylogica is laser focused on 3 goals