Regeneus (ASX:RGS) Presentation, FNN Small Cap Investor Event, October 2017, Sydney

Company Presentations

Regeneus Limited (ASX:RGS) CEO, John Martin, discusses the company's Progenza stem cell therapy agreement with AGC of Japan and strategy.


• Regeneus develops innovative regenerative medicines for a range of inflammatory conditions, for both the human and animal health markets.
• Regenerative medicine markets are large and growing rapidly.
• Regenerative medicines take advantage at a cellular level of the body’s natural healing, repair and regeneration capacities.
• Regeneus’ technology is largely stem cell based and Regeneus also has an immuno-oncology platform. Regeneus has programs in Osteoarthritis, reducing pain, treating solid tumours and treating dermatology conditions.
• Regeneus has collaboration with universities including Macquarie, the University of Adelaide and is looking at a relationship with Monash University, Sydney University, the Kolling Institute at North Shore Hospital.
• Long-term ambition: to have multiple licence partners, both on manufacturing and clinical applications globally, and be a developer.
• Financials: Revenue - $10.17m (FY16:$1.88m), driven by AGC Japan licence.