UltraCharge (ASX:UTR) Presentation, FNN Small Cap Investor Event, October 2017, Sydney

Company Presentations

Investment highlights

Addressable market:
• US$93.1 billion lithium-ion battery market by 2025 [Grand View Research]
• US$185 million flow battery by 2020 [Businesswire].

Excellent development results:
• Working on increasing production efficiencies to meet customer requirements.

Key partnerships:
• In place with NTU, Epsilor and Leclanché.

On track:
• Shipment of anode material for commercial clients by end of 2017.
• Likely production of 1000mA/P pouch cell battery by end of 2017.

Market drivers:
• Massive increase in demand due to growth of renewable energy, consumer demand for faster charging, longer lasting batteries.

Leadership & management:
• Experienced team with key expertise in battery technology.