Kyckr (ASX:KYK) Presentation, FNN Small Cap Investor Event, October 2017, Sydney

Company Presentations

Investment highlights

Commercially proven, award winning technology
• Largest aggregated real-time access to:
− 180+ company registries
− 120+ countries
− 80m+ companies
• Award winning Blockchain technology

On track for profitability in FY19
• $1.54m revenue in FY17, 34% growth from FY16
• FY18, Qtr on Qtr revenue growth
• FY19, EBITDA and cashflow positive run rate

Global Compliance Market US$120Bn by 2020
• Global blue chip customers including Bloomberg, CitiGroup and Bank of Ireland
• Further global blue chip prospects for FY18 and onwards

Global regulation driving growth
• Requirements on “Recent and legally Reliable” corporate data
• Increases in personal liability for “failure to prevent”
• 4AMLD, 5AMLD and Fincen CDD Final rule put greater obligations on Corporate KYC and UBOs

Clear to support opportunities and customer demands
• Over the next 12 months, expand to:
− 16 in sales and marketing
− 9 in product development
− 7 in operations
− Offices and partners in Sydney, London, Dublin, Singapore / HK and New York

Experienced board and management
• Years of collective experience and expertise in banking, wealth management, investments, insurance, M&A, technology, digital and advisory.