Sky and Space Global discusses partnerships, continues testing

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by Kathy Skantzos

Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) says it is discussing strategic partnerships with industry players as it continues to work on its 3 Diamonds nano-satellites.

The satellite developer is continuing to test its phone calls, instant messages, voice recordings and image transfers through its nano-satellites.

The company said it is attracting interest from telco and satellite industry operators, and attended World Satellite Business Week in Paris last week.

The technology aims to enable low-cost satellite connectivity in remote locations and in emerging markets that do not have access to communication network infrastructure.

The service is a world first for aerospace, satellite and telecommunication industries, after the company conducted the first voice call via nano-satellites.

Shares in Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) are trading 2.94 per cent higher to 18 cents a share.

Kathy Skantzos

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