Volt Resources (ASX:VRC): Presentation, CEO Sessions, Sydney

Company Presentations

Volt Resources (ASX:VRC) has a world scale and world class project. It’s a graphite project in Tanzania. We have a very experienced board and management team and very strong project economics.

The company is in a growing critical market that is needed for the future. It operates in two distinct sectors: Everybody is aware of graphite’s position in terms of anodes in the battery storage market. But the other key market that is growing very quickly is the expandable graphite market.

There are a number of different uses for expandable graphite, but a key driver of that market is flame retardant insulation foam. Both of those markets are probably growing at double digit compound growth rates and they are forecast to keep growing at that rate.

We have a pretty clear pathway to take the Tanzanian project through to production in 2018 and then scale up to a much larger project by 2020.