Murray Cod Australia (ASX:MCA) Presentation: ASX Spotlight Series, Hong Kong

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Murray Cod Australia (ASX:MCA) operates in a region that has existing infrastructure. That enables us to build an aquaculture business quicker and cheaper in many places in the world. We are using a rare premium native fish that we are reintroducing to Australia.

So, the environmental and economic pressure on irrigation, and in particular the declining world fish stocks, is something that is going to be a real problem in years to come.

The boats are getting bigger and bigger, the technology is getting faster, they have satellite navigation, they have mapping of currents etc and yet the global fish catch is shirking each year. So, that’s a real problem. And we have global demand for protein, that is growing and growing rapidly.

If we are going to feed nine billion people in the year 2050, 30 years from now, we are going to have to produce more food in the next 30 years, than we have produced in the last 3,000 years. Just think about that for a minute. That’s serious. If they need protein, it needs to be produced in the most efficient manner there is.

Like most things that taste good in the natural world, Murray Cod got fished out. It’s now a protected species and commercial fishing is not allowed. It has a creamy white flesh, with a firm texture and a mild taste. It’s a very suitable fish for aquaculture, as it handles high stocking densities, it has a medium to fast growth rate (we get about a 1 kilogram fish in 12 months), it is very easy to ween onto artificial diets, and it lives in broad water quality, from very warm water to very cold water. For these reasons, it’s an ideal fish for farming.