Volpara Health Technologies (ASX:VHT) moves to become breast density leader


by Jessica Amir

Over 500,000 women this year will very sadly die of breast cancer. The best way of saving some of those lives is by X-Ray screening, which is proven now to save lives. It can be optimised, and one of the ways it can be optimised is by personalisation of it and doing high quality screening.

We’ve become really a brand leader in the measurement of breast density over the last few years. But now, over the last year we’ve transformed the company from being a breast density company, into being a much wider enterprise quality control solution, to make sure the breast is imaged properly, to make sure the cancers are really caught as early as possible.

Breast cancer screening is critically important and it’s proven to save lives. In America, which is our main focus, although I have to say increasingly Australia is coming into play now as well. The Americans have got various initiatives to improve breast cancer screening. The FDA which regulates breast cancer screening quality, has now set up a project called EQUIP, which requires all imaging centres to really up the quality of their positioning of their measurement of the breast compression rate, radiation dose and so on.

Our new cloud based enterprise solution is almost perfect for helping these centres comply with EQUIP and therefore move on to actually detecting cancers earlier. Our breast density solution is perfect for helping radiologists comply with the state laws, particularly as 32 of the US states now have legislation saying you must tell the woman her breast density after every X-Ray.