Admedus: ASX Spotlight Series

Company Presentations

by Carolyn Herbert

Admedus Limited (ASX:AHZ) General Manager - Americas Tom Riester presents at ASX Spotlight Series in New York. 
Mr Riester provides a business overview of Amedus’ operations and details the company’s offerings. 
The diversified healthcare group’s presentation also covers regenerative medicine, immunotherapies, company milestones and news flow. 
Discussing the company’s highlights Mr Riester says, “Nearterm company milestones and news flow we look at in the rear-view mirror over the last twelve months. Very exciting. 
We came into the calendar year with a number of questions... Will we get clearance in the US, will surgeons buy based on the data that we had? And all those questions got answered very favourably and positively.
Approval for CardioCel in Europe, we got our clearance here in the US, we got clearance now in Canada, we’ve got special access in Singapore, in addition early access for CardioCel in other markets and most importantly we are driving revenue from the product.” 

Carolyn Herbert

Finance News Network
Carolyn joined FNN in August 2015 as the Head of News and also presented the Market at Midday and the Market Wrap. With more than five years of broadcast journalism experience, Carolyn has worked as a finance anchor on the Sky News Business channel and as an anchor and reporter for ABC News. She is also a qualified corporate lawyer specialising in IPOs, takeovers and mergers and acquisitions.