Founded in 1955, VanEck was among the first asset managers helping investors achieve greater diversification through global investing. Today we are recognised for being a pioneer in global markets and for drawing on our experience to offer innovative solutions. We offer these solutions to clients ranging from individuals to superannuation funds, financial advisors and institutional investors.

VanEck is one of the world’s largest Exchange Traded Product (ETP) issuers. In Australia our range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provide investors with:
  • opportunities to asset classes often underrepresented in investor portfolios; or
  • beyond-the-usual approaches to established investment categories.
With offices in key financial centres and regions including New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Madrid and Zurich, VanEck offers investors broad investment reach with deep experience.


Our mission is to offer investors intelligently designed investment strategies that take advantage of targeted market opportunities. We seek to provide long-term, superior performance in all our offerings, giving investors a choice between active and index strategies.

VanEck is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

We bring our best to our clients through:

  • Independence – a history of putting our client’s interests first in all market environments
  • Insight – early identification of investment opportunities
  • Accessibility – client access to our investment teams and resources
  • Execution – market-tested portfolio management teams and processes
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Latest Videos

31 Dec 2018

VanEck Vectors FTSE Global Infrastructure ETF (ASX:IFRA)

31 Dec 2018 - VanEck Vice President, Intermediaries, Damon Gosen talks the case for investing in global infrastructure, the VanEck Vectors FTSE Global infrastructure (Hedged) ETF (ASX:IFRA), its composition and how it provides investors with exposure to essential infrastructure services.

13 Dec 2018

VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX MidCap ETF (ASX:MVE)

13 Dec 2018 - VanEck Australia, Vice President, Institutional Business Development, John Caulfield talks about the VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX MidCap ETF (ASX:MVE), the underlying index, risk-return characteristics and the outlook for the mid-cap segment.

19 Sep 2018

VanEck (ASX:PLUS) bond ETF performance & benefits

19 Sep 2018 - VanEck Australia, Director of Investments, Russel Chesler talks about the VanEck Vectors Australian Corporate Bond Plus ETF (ASX:PLUS) and its importance in providing fixed interest exposure and diversification within long-only equity portfolios.

2 Jul 2018

VanEck talks Quality International Investing

02 Jul 2018 - VanEck Australia Vice President, Business Development, Damon Gosen talks about the VanEck Vectors MSCI World ex Australia Quality ETF (ASX:QUAL) and why it is proving popular with investors looking for international exposure to stocks offering a high return on equity, stable year-on-year earnings growth and low financial leverage.

23 May 2018

VanEck talks sustainable equity investing (ASX:ESGI)

23 May 2018 - VanEck Australia Vice President, Institutional Business Development, John Caulfield talks about the VanEck Vectors MSCI International Sustainable Equity ETF (ASX:ESGI) and why it is proving popular with investors looking for international exposure to stocks with sustainable long-term business models.

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