Ruffer was founded in 1994. Today, over 280 people work at the firm, and we have offices in London, Edinburgh, Paris, Hong Kong and Guernsey. As at 31 October 2019 we have £20.1 billion in assets under management.

Ruffer is a partnership, and this structure aligns our interests with those of our clients.

Our senior staff share in the long-term profitability of the firm, so they are interested in investment returns and client relationships that are sustainable over the long haul. 

Latest Videos

2 Dec 2019

Investment themes and positioning

2 Dec 2019 - Ruffer LLP Investment Director Matt Smith talks with MLC Portfolio Specialist Sinead Rafferty about the risk of inflation, Brexit, and out of favour value stocks and how they might perform under a range of scenarios.

28 Nov 2019

Portfolio management with risk at its core

28 Nov 2019 - Ruffer LLP Investment Director Alex Lennard talks with MLC Portfolio Specialist Sinead Rafferty about the firm's approach to risk management and what this means for its portfolios and returns if markets fall.

28 Mar 2018

Risk assessment essential for long-term returns

28 Mar 2018 - Ruffer LLP Investment Directors Trevor Bradley and Alex Lennard discuss the firm's DNA and how it works to deliver positive returns regardless of how the financial markets perform.

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