Australian Residential Property Fund

When you join ResiFund, you co-invest with us and become a part-owner of a portfolio which we plan to grow to over 1,000 properties. Our experts handle practically everything like research, negotiating acquisitions and managing the property.

Investment objective

The investment objectives of the Fund are to build a diversified portfolio of residential property assets that ultimately provide:

  • Relatively high, consistent and growing long-term income returns for investors with the potential for capital growth;
  • A total return over time of at least 10% p.a. (net of fees and expenses and before tax); and
  • Returns which exceed the residential property market in general, measured by outperforming the combined returns from the Benchmark Indicies.

Investment strategy

  • 90-100% of properties acquired or constructed will generate long term passive rental income. 
  • Around 80% of these investments will be in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
  • The properties will comprise single family homes and duplexes, as well as small and large multi tenancy properties.

Latest ResiFund news

  • Properties now acquired in Melbourne and Brisbane, which will be leased to 14 tenants.
  • ResiFund on track to deliver a 10% return to investors in its first year, significantly outperforming the residential market.
  • ResiFund has just received a higher rating of 3.75 stars, from Independent Research House SQM.
  • ResiFund is now available for advisers on the Interprac APL.
  • ResiFund has just launched a new wholesale offer for $100K+ investors, with a more immediate redemption facility.


Latest Videos

11 Mar 2020

ResiFund returns 10%

11 Mar 2020 - ResiFund Founder & Director Matthew Lewison talks about ResiFund activity over the last quarter, the pick-up in property prices and the fund's 10% return from its Melbourne and Brisbane portfolio.

13 Nov 2019

ResiFund - diversified residential real estate

13 Nov 2019 - OpenCorp Founder & Director Matthew Lewison talks about the company's new residential property fund, ResiFund, where it invests, its aims and how it hopes to deliver a better outcome for property investors.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is not intended to be the only information on which the investment decision is made and is not a substitute for a PDS or any other notice that may be required under the Act. A prospective investor is strongly advised to seek appropriate independent professional advice before accepting an offer for an investment in the Fund.

While past performance is not an indicator of future performance, the systems and resources employed by ResiFund, position us well to identify quality properties and to maximise returns through the delivery process. Investment in the ResiFund can only be made by completing an application form linked to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).