Presima Inc (Presima) is a boutique investment manager exclusively focused on listed global property securities based in Montreal, Canada. With over 10 years' of management experience in the asset class, Presima invests in a diverse range of listed property securities in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Emerging Markets.

Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund invests in an actively managed portfolio of property securities listed on share markets around the world. The Fund’s foreign currency exposures will be substantially hedged to the Australian dollar.


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Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund aims to provide a total gross return of 2% p.a. or more above the Benchmark FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index Net TRI ($A hedged) over rolling four year periods.

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Latest Videos

22 Apr 2016

Securing diversification through Global Property with Presima

22 Apr 2016 - Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund Portfolio manager, Vincent Felteau discusses the role of Listed Global Property during periods of increased volatility and how Presima build their portfolio to aid in diversification for investors.

15 Jun 2015

Global property growth looking strong

18 Jun 2015 - Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund, Portfolio Manager, Marc-Andre Flageole discusses the benefit of a global REIT fund.

17 Feb 2014

Global REITs to rebound in 2014

19 Feb 2014 - Presima Portfolio Manager Asia Pacific, Marc-Andre Flageole forecasts how Australian and global real estate investment trusts will perform in 2014.

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For more information on Presima or the Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund please visit or contact Client Services via phone on 1300 738 355 or via email to



Antares Capital Partners Ltd ABN 85 066 081 114, AFSL 234483 (‘ACP’), is the Responsible Entity of the Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund (‘the Fund’). This information is general in nature and does not take account of your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision to invest in the Fund you should read the current Product Disclosure Statement and Product Guide (‘PDS’) and, with the assistance of a financial adviser, consider if it is appropriate for your circumstances. A copy of the PDS is available at or by phoning Client Services on 1300 738 355. An investment in the Fund does not represent a deposit with or a liability of National Australia Bank (NAB) and is subject to investment risk including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and capital invested. Neither ACP nor any other member of the NAB Group guarantees the repayment of your capital, payment of income or the performance of your investment. NAB does not provide a guarantee or assurance in respect of the obligations of ACP, the Fund or Presima.


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