Candriam Sustainable Global Equity Fund

Quarterly Fact Sheet - September 2016

‘The Fund invests in global equities with a strong ESG/SRI focus.’

Investment aim
The Fund aims to achieve returns (before fees and taxes) in excess of the benchmark (MSCI World Index Net Dividends Reinvested $A – unhedged) over the medium to long term by investing in global equities.

Key features of the strategy
• Core investment style
• Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific) and sector neutral exposures relative to benchmark
• Best in Class ESG/SRI sector approach and negative screens applied to reduce the MSCI World universe to an SRI Universe
of stocks
• A quantitative multi-factor based model is applied to the SRI universe to construct a diversified portfolio of approximately
220 stocks
• Aims to provide investors with capital growth over the long term.

Key benefits of the strategy
• Exposure to a well-diversified portfolio of Global Equities with a very strong ESG/SRI Focus
• Well-resourced internal team of ESG/SRI investment specialists and Portfolio Managers
• Invests in those companies that meet Candriam’s “Best in Class” criteria
• Avoids investing in companies as determined by Candriam’s
“Controversial Activity Policy” and the United Nations Global Compact (“UNGC”)
• Actively engage companies via direct dialogue and proxy voting to improve ESG behaviour.

Investment Style
We classify ourselves as ‘core‘; wherein at certain stages of the cycle the portfolio may have a value or growth tilt as markets provide opportunities for particular types of stocks to enjoy earnings growth. Ausbil employs a four-stage process to provide the framework for portfolio construction consistent with its investment philosophy. The process is summarised in the diagram below:

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Product Features 

Characteristic Comments
Benchmark MSCI World Index (Net Dividends Reinvested)
$A – unhedged
Minimum Investment $20,000
Pricing Frequency Daily
Distribution Timetable Annual
Fees  Capped at 1.05%
Buy/Sell spread 0.40% / 0.40%


Period Fund
Benchmark%   Out/Under
3 months 1.78 2.04 -0.25
1 year 2.84 2.19 0.65
3 years pa 12.34 13.16 -0.82
5 years pa 16.77 17.09 -0.33
Since inception pa
Date: November 2002
4.49 5.14 -0.65

About Candriam

Candriam Investors Group (“Candriam”), like Ausbil Investment Management, is part of New York Life Investment Management (a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life).

Candriam is grounded in their strong values and investment expertise with a strong focus on ESG/SRI investing. Candriam has been a pioneer in this field since 1996 with the name Candriam standing for Conviction and Responsibility in Asset Management.

Over 20% of Funds under Management is in ESG/SRI strategies. Candriam was a founding UNPRI Signatory in 2006 and is compliant with the European SRI Transparency Code.

Candriam is a top-tier asset manager in Europe with 160 investment professionals and offices in Brussels, Luxemburg, Paris and London. It offers clients solutions in Fixed Income, Equities, Alternatives, Sustainable Investments and Asset Allocation. Candriam also has independent specialist risk managers that oversee Portfolio and market risks.

Unless otherwise specified, any information contained in this publication is current as at the date of this report and is prepared by Ausbil Investment Management Limited (ABN 26 076 316 473 AFSL 229722) (Ausbil). Ausbil is the issuer of the Ausbil Investment Trusts – Candriam Sustainable Global Equity Fund (ARSN 111 733 898) (Candriam Sustainable Global Equity Fund, Sustainable Global Equity Fund or Fund). Candriam Belgium SA is the investment manager of the Fund. This report contains general information only and the information provided is factual only and does not constitute financial product advice. It does not take account of your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on it, you should seek independent financial and tax advice about its appropriateness to your objectives, financial situation and needs. Securities and sectors mentioned in this monthly report are presented to illustrate companies and sectors in which the Fund has invested and should not be considered a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold any particular security. Holdings are subject to change daily. The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Unless otherwise stated, performance figures are calculated net of fees and assume distributions are reinvested. Due to rounding the figures in the holdings, breakdowns may not add up to 100%. No guarantee or warranty is made as to the accuracy, adequacy or reliability of any statements, estimates, opinions or other information contained herein (any of which may change without notice) and should not be relied upon as a representation express or implied as to any future or current matter. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement which is available at before acquiring or investing in the Fund.

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