Ausbil Active Sustainable Equity Fund

The Fund provides exposure to an actively managed portfolio, predominantly made up of listed Australian equities which meet Ausbil’s sustainability approach to investing. The Fund invests in a portfolio of listed Australian companies which are primarily selected from the S&P/ASX 200 Index, that have a relatively good sustainable profile that are not subject to long-term earnings sustainability risk.

Ausbil’s dedicated ESG team researches on a proprietary basis, assesses and scores a company based on the industry in which a company operates in (ie what a company does) and a company’s ESG factors (ie how a company manages these factors). The combination being a sustainability score, which indicates a company’s sustainability profile.

The universe is refined to remove companies subject to long-term earnings sustainability risk including companies with material direct exposure or a significant indirect exposure to:
  • the production or distribution of alcohol, gambling, pornography;
  • the distribution of tobacco;
  • the production or distribution of weapons & armaments;
  • the mining of uranium; and
  • the exploration, mining and/or distribution of fossil fuels, such as oil, gas, oil sands and coal
Furthermore, the universe is refined to remove companies with a direct exposure (0% of earnings) to:
  • the production of tobacco and tobacco-based products; and
  • the production of controversial weapon & armaments.
Fund objective

To achieve returns (before fees and taxes) in excess of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over the long term by primarily investing in listed Australian companies which meet Ausbil’s sustainability approach to investing. There is no guarantee that this objective will be achieved. 

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Latest Videos

17 Feb 2021

Excluding fossil fuels from Ausbil's Active Sustainable Equity Fund

17 Feb 2021 - Ausbil’s Active Sustainable Equity Fund Portfolio Manager Nicholas Condoleon and Ausbil Investment Management's Head of ESG Research Måns Carlsson talk about the composition of the fund, the exclusion of fossil fuels, returns and themes in ESG investing and the 3 year anniversary.

25 Nov 2019

Ausbil Investment Management on anti-slavery in supply chains

25 Nov 2019 - Ausbil Investment Management Head of ESG Research, Måns Carlsson-Sweeny, talks about his work with companies combating slavery in investment supply chains and his input into the Commonwealth’s Modern Slavery Act (2018).

20 Nov 2019

Ausbil Active Sustainable Equity Fund

20 Nov 2019 - Ausbil Investment Management Chief Investment Officer, Paul Xiradis and Ausbil Head of ESG Research, Måns Carlsson-Sweeny, provide an update on the Ausbil Active Sustainable Equity fund’s performance, talk about what the fund looks for in businesses that fit the description of "sustainable", and discuss how these characteristics provide long-term above-market returns.

30 Oct 2018

Ausbil Active Sustainable Equity Fund, FY18 Earnings Season

30 Oct 2018 - Ausbil Investment Management, Head of ESG Research, Mans Carlsson-Sweeny & CIO, Head of Equities & Portfolio Manager, Ausbil Active Sustainable Equities Fund, Paul Xiradis talk sustainable business and investing for the long term.

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