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Based in Australia, Antares is wholly focussed on delivering performance for investors through an investment approach underpinned by dedication, experience and discipline. Antares recognise and are ready for market uncertainty, and believe great performance is achieved through a focus on both risk and return.

Antares Fixed Income focuses on delivering performance objectives for investors within a carefully managed, defined risk framework. Antares Fixed Income team uses a highly systematic investment approach that has its roots in the thorough knowledge and experience of the investment team.

Latest Videos

19 Jun 2018

Higher volatility and fixed income positioning

19 Jun 2018 - Antares Fixed Income manager Dr Tano Pelosi talks with Ross Kent, Global Head of Institutional Distribution, NAB Asset Management about increasing bouts of volatility that are requiring a move to shorter duration, higher quality bonds.

29 Sep 2017

Fixed income in a rising rate environment

29 Sep 2017 - Recorded 18 Sep, 2017: Antares Fixed Income manager Tano Pelosi explains what could happen to fixed income if interest rates rise, as the US fed signals the unwinding of its quantitative easing program.

11 Nov 2016

QE - Horses for Courses

11 November 2016 - Ken Hyman, Tano Pelosi and Mark Kiely of Antares Fixed Income discuss the different retail savings and investment characteristics of Japan and Europe versus the "English-speaking" countries and the different consumer responses to Quantitative Easing in these countries.

29 Jul 2016

June CPI analysis

29 Jul 2016 - Antares Fixed Income Fund Investment Manager, Ken Hyman and Portfolio Managers, Tano Pelosi and Mark Kiely discuss interest rates and the outlook for the Australian bond market following release of the June CPI (Consumer Price Index) on July 27th.

9 Jun 2015

Navigating bond market challenges

09 Jun 2015 - Antares Income Fund Manager Tano Pelosi discusses the fund’s strategies for navigating bond market challenges.

20 Dec 2013

Antares Income Fund targets steady income

20 Dec 2013 - Antares Income Investment Manager, Ken Hyman speaks to FNN about its new income fund, including what the fund offers investors and how it targets steady returns.

15 Oct 2012

Opportunities in the AUD fixed interest market

15 Oct 2012 - Antares Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Mark Kiely provides a forecast for Australian interest rates and outlines opportunities in the AUD fixed interest market.

20 Jun 2012

Corporate versus Government debt

20 Jun 2012 – Antares Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Andrew Rivers looks at the relative strength of corporate and government debt in Australia versus other parts of the world and explains how Antares Fixed Income adds value.

14 Jun 2012

Australian Bonds prices at record highs

14 Jun 2012 – Antares Fixed Income Investment Manager, Ken Hyman talks about the situation today of “financial repression” brought on by central banks driving down government bond yields, the outlook for the next 12 months and the "safe haven" investment approach of Antares Fixed Income in these challenging times.

18 Oct 2011

Inflation linked bond fund delivers

18 Oct 2011 – Antares Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Tano Pelosi discusses recent stellar returns, the long term outlook for inflation and who invests in inflation linked securities.


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