eCargo (ASX:ECG) and it’s subsidiaries was founded in 2014 with the mission to help brands sell more product in Asia - particularly China and Australia – a philosophy that has remained steadfast through it’s six years of existence. We are an eCommerce and Offline sales enabler that provide holistic solutions to brands from across the spectrum, from high-end fashion, to consumer goods, beauty and healthcare and other products.

Asia Specialist - With Global Reach

We operate offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and London – A truly global reach with each location focused on providing the Chinese and South East Asian market with the best quality products, and marketing our partner brands effectively.

eCargo operates B2B distribution into China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Our B2C channels cover China and South East Asia.

Wide Array Of Brands

We bring the best international brands and retailers to market - utilising our proven executional capabilities to offer a transparent, collaborative and integrated truly end to end solution.

We are able to ship your product, taking care of customs, trademarking and storage, and then distribute within your chosen target market, while utilising our marketing expertise in these markets to advise on the best strategies to maximise sales and drive brand growth within these new markets.

Extensive Network

eCargo's distribution network covers B2C and B2B channels, while we also provide a suite of services providing guidance and solutions when navigating your new markets - including marketing, trademarking, TP Management, and eCargo's own Brand Growth Program, focused on providing a minimum risk platform for new brands to test the waters in our markets.

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