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Windlab Announces First Ever Environmental Approval Achieved for a Wind Farm in Tanzania

Windlab Limited (ASX:WND) today announced that it has been awarded an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Certificate for the construction of the Miombo Hewani Wind Farm and Transmission line project, located 10km’s north of Makambako, in central Tanzania.

Miombo Hewani has been approved for up to 300MW of capacity. It is likely to be constructed in phases; the first phase of the project will be around 100MW and include up to 34 wind turbines as well as electrical infrastructure connecting the wind farm to the national electricity grid at the Makambako substations.

The ESIA Certificate is the first to be issued in the country for a wind farm project and was signed on 30th May 2018 by The Minister of State, Vice-President’s Office, Union and Environment, The Honourable January Yusuf Makamba (MP). An ESIA is the formal and comprehensive assessment of the environmental and social consequences of a project prior to construction. The process of obtaining an ESIA Certificate is complex and involves multiple independent studies, consultants, stakeholders and government authorities at a local, regional and national level.

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