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VRX Silica - Response to ASX Price Query

We refer to your letter of 25 May 2021 to VRX Silica Limited (Company) and adopting similar paragraph numbering as contained therein we respond as follows:

1. No.
2. N/A.
3. The Company is the owner of the Arrowsmith North Silica Sand Project in Western Australia, which is in the permitting stage, including for environmental approval from the Environmental Protection Authority of Western Australia (EPA).

Yesterday as part of its standard process the EPA published on its website information as to the level of assessment for the Project, noting it is set at “Public Environmental Review” for a 4-week public comment period pursuant to which the Company is preparing a scoping document that details the environmental studies required to inform the assessment of the Project. This is consistent with the Company’s expectations on process and timing for environmental approval and with information that is publicly available to the market. The Company has also released to ASX today a general market update announcement on the Project. 

For more information, download the attached PDF.

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