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Sequoia Financial Group announces change of Director's interest notice

Name of entity Sequoia Financial Group Ltd
ABN 90 091 744 884

We (the entity) give ASX the following information under listing rule 3.19A.2 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section 205G of the Corporations Act.

Name of Director Garry Peter Crole
Date of last notice 27 May 2019

Part 1 - Change of director’s relevant interests in securities
In the case of a trust, this includes interests in the trust made available by the responsible entity of the trust

Note: In the case of a company, interests which come within paragraph (i) of the definition of “notifiable interest of a director”should be disclosed in this part.

Direct or indirect interest Direct and Indirect
Nature of indirect interest
(including registered holder)
Note: Provide details of the circumstances giving rise to the relevant

Holdings held in two separate holdings as

A. Mr. Garry Peter Crole; and
B. Ms. Marina Baltrusaitene (Spouse)
Date of change 26 November 2019

No. of securities held prior to change A. 10,777,934 FPOs
B. 896,309 FPOs
Class Fully Paid Ordinary Shares (FPOs)
Number acquired A. 73,043 FPOs
B. Nil FPOs
Number disposed Nil.


Note: If consideration is non-cash, provide details and estimated
$0.20 per FPO
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