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Sequoia Financial Group, Appendix 3Y - Late Lodgement Notice

Attached is an Appendix 3Y (Change of Director’s Interest Notice) for Mr. Scott Beeton. In relation to the late lodgement of the attached Appendix 3Y, we advise the following:

1. the delay in lodgement of the Appendix 3Y was due to an internal administrative oversight of which Mr. Beeton was not aware and which is not attributable to him. Upon being identified by Sequoia Financial Group Limited (ASX:SEQ) (“Company”), the notice has been immediately lodged.

2. Mr. Beeton obtained the Chairman’s approval to acquire a small parcel of of his fully paid ordinary securities on-market in December 2017 in accordance with the Company’s Security Trading Policy.

3. Directors are aware that any securities acquired, direct or indirect, must be notified to the Company Secretary. The Company Secretary and the board regularly review Director’s interests to ensure any change to their holdings are duly disclosed. It was during this regular review that a discrepancy of Mr. Beeton’s records was identified.

4. The Company considers its current arrangements are adequate to ensure timely disclosure and the late lodgement of this particular Appendix 3Y is an isolated incident. SEQ is mindful of its disclosure obligations under ASX Listing Rule 3.19A.2. The directors are also aware of their personal obligation involving SEQ securities.

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