PE Group has ambitious plans to set up subsidiaries across Europe and in the major countries of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). It also believes in growing its investee companies. Via its new and innovative business model, PE Group has successfully helped existing businesses unleash their full potential by leveraging on their equity to create tremendous shareholders’ value.

As an investment consultancy firm offering advice on corporate finance, PE Group also specialises in mergers and acquisitions besides participating in joint ventures with other companies. It sees tremendous opportunities in private equity investment as a channel to raise funds from the corporate market. PE Group’s diversified investment in the investee companies are concentrated in information technology, information and communications technology (ICT), infrastructure development as well as retail and fashion brands.

In tandem with its tagline, ‘Steps Towards Sustainability’ PE Group believes in guiding its team and investee companies towards sustainable wealth creation. As such, it has initiated a unique global enterprise alliance that pools together expertise from different fields through resource integration and innovative business strategies. At the same time, PE Group strives to demonstrate its core values in its execution for both investors and the investee companies.

The PE Group’s mission is to work together with its partners, stakeholders and investors to achieve wealth sustainability together. This includes the SMEs that PE Group has invested in the private equity platform. Its vision is to establish itself as a leading investment holding and marketing distribution company in ASEAN. PE Group is committed to grow its investment portfolio with innovative products and financial knowledge services while maintaining its core values through transparent execution and maximising its investors’ return on investment.

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