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Nyrada Brain Injury Drug Pharmacokinetic Study Results

Nyrada Inc (ASX: NYR) reports results from a preclinical pharmacokinetic study of its two lead Brain Injury drug candidates. Both candidates have achieved durable therapeutic levels when administered via continuous intravenous injection, the preferred route for patients suffering from stroke and moderate-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Furthermore, no adverse effects were observed in the animals in each arm of the study, indicating that the two drug candidates are safe and well-tolerated at the administered dose.

Stroke and TBI are critical public health problems worldwide with survivors facing severe disability and often requiring long-term care. The Nyrada Brain Injury program aims to develop a treatment for brain injury following stroke and TBI by reducing the build-up of calcium ions in cells, a primary driver of neuronal cell death. Currently, no treatment exists for TBI and the tPA “clot-busting” treatment for stroke is suitable for less than 15% of patients.

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