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Murchison Metals Limited (ASX:MMX) OPR and Crosslands Feasibility Studies Received

Murchison Metals Limited (“Murchison”) advises that it has today received feasibility studies for the Jack  Hills Expansion Project and the Oakajee port and rail infrastructure project from Crosslands Resources Ltd (“Crosslands”) and Oakajee Port & Rail (“OPR”) respectively.
Murchison holds a 50% interest in both projects though its joint ownership of Crosslands and OPR with Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (“Mitsubishi”).
Given the comprehensive nature of the reports, the Company will require sufficient time to properly consider and verify the information provided by Crosslands and OPR prior to any announcement.
As stated previously, the Company expects to make an announcement with respect to the feasibility study outcomes on or before the commencement of trading on Monday 4 July.
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