MIKOH is a world leading developer, custom solution provider and a key patent innovator of authentication and tamper detection technologies. MIKOH's system-level solutions protect the physical and data assets of governments and commercial organizations from conception, through the complete supply/delivery chain to consumption.
MIKOH technology counters snooping, fraud, counterfeiting, sabotage, theft and national security vulnerabilities. MIKOH’s technologies allow you to:
Be certain that an item or information is authentic;
Be certain whether an item or information has been tampered;
Be certain that an item or information comes from an authentic source;
Be certain that an item or information can only be consumed by the intended recipient.
Since its founding in 1993, MIKOH has built extensive expertise that enables it to work in close collaboration with its customers (of which we already serve over 140) to design and implement tailored end-to-end security solutions; solutions that authenticate, track, seal, manage, control, restrict access/movement and monitor the physical or data assets that are in storage or transit.

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