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Melbana Energy - Drilling ahead at Alameda-1


- Drilling ahead recommenced at Alameda-1
- Current depth 2,093 mMD
- Primary N and Alameda structures still to be encountered


Melbana Energy Limited (ASX: MAY) (Melbana) is pleased to report drilling ahead at Alameda-1 recommenced on 16 December 2021 with a directional bottom hole assembly. As of a short while ago, a depth of 2,093 mMD had been safely reached.

During the standby period, the rig mud system has been cleaned and fluids inventory conditioned to requisite density to safely drill ahead. The 5000 psi BOP system was successfully pressure tested and will remain in place to safely extend the 12-1/4" diameter hole section as far as practicable. Drilling rig and service Contractors have cooperated and supported Melbana by adjusting their commitments during the standby period. All contractors have personnel and procedures in-place to meet the recommenced drilling schedule.

Consumables critical to recommencing and enabling continuity of drilling operations were sourced and imported into Cuba by Melbana, using both regular and non-commercial logistics supply resources. The preparatory work to enable drill ahead has also been undertaken over the last week with the drill out of the temporary cement suspension plugs, reconditioning of the mud system for cement contamination and conducting a formation integrity test to a satisfactory level at the 11-3/4" liner shoe.

The well is currently within limestones of the upper sheet, between the shallower secondary objective already drilled (and successfully confirming the presence of oil) and the deeper primary N and Alameda structure targets still to be penetrated.

Melbana Energy’s Executive Chairman, Andrew Purcell, commented: “We have used the standby system productively to conduct necessary maintenance, increase our stockpiles of required drilling supplies and conduct analysis of the drilling environment we have encountered to date. It is good to be drilling ahead again now armed with this enhanced capability and deeper understanding of the operating environment we find ourselves in”.

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