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MediVac Limited (ASX:MDV) Arrowhead BID research report

Arrowhead BID Research Report
New York-based Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions, LLC has today released a Research Report on MediVac Limited. The report is available on MediVac’s web site under the Investor Information / Press articles tabs.
Arrowhead is a NY-based consultancy which identifies and researches undervalued projects and growth projects globally. Arrowhead’s analyst teams scan for opportunities across the natural resource, energy, healthcare and technology sectors. Arrowhead employs fundamental research, valuation analytics and specialised distribution to produce and share the most useful research possible on the projects and companies it covers.
Off the back of this research, Arrowhead is facilitating an Investor road show for MediVac next week on the east coast of the USA with presentations in New York, Philadelphia and Florida.
Arrowhead BID, LLC received fees in 2011 from Medivac for sharing in the costs of researching and drafting this report and for a series of other services to Medivac including distribution of this report and networking services.
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