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Lithium Consolidated Announces Bepe and Kondo Mines Acquisition

Zimbabwe Hard Rock Lithium

Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration Ltd (“Lithium Consolidated” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has executed an Agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the Bepe and Kondo mines in Zimbabwe (the “Mines”) (the “Agreement”).

The Company will acquire a 100% interest in:

1. The Bepe Mine through the Bepe Special Mining License (Registration No.: M4740BM) (the “Bepe Mine”); and

2. The Kondo Mine through three (3) Mining Licenses: Mwami ‘L’ (Registration No.: 40832BM), Jerejoga ‘20’ (Registration No.: 27976BM), Kondo 9 (Registration No.: 25988BM) (the ”Kondo Mine”), (collectively the “Mining Licenses”).

The Mining Licenses enable rapid development of small-scale production, while the larger-scale lithium resource potential is tested through systematic exploration.

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