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Linius Technologies - Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report

  • Quarterly billings were $167,500, 2.8x higher than the prior year period and up 27% over Q4FY23.
  • Quarterly cash receipts were $114,000 with an additional $55k collected shortly after the quarter end.
  • Billings from existing contracts will be approximately $725k over the next 12 months, locking in a 49% increase over FY23 billings very early in the year with significant further growth from existing and new customers to come through FY24.
  • New contract with Hockey Technology Partners (HTP) signed in July 2023:
                 o Service for NAHL TV went live in September. The North American Hockey League (NAHL) is the top junior hockey league in the US. The deal saw HTP build a personalized channel service for NAHL on Linius Media Solutions in just 3 weeks
                o Following success of the deployment at NAHL, HTP has seen tremendous interest from other clients. Post quarter end, the contract with HTP was expanded enabling HTP to win two new customers, generating additional recurring and variable frees. 
  • Launch of Whizzard Highlights, a new module for Whizzard, with Cricket Australia (CA) deploying the new module, resulting in additional recurring and variable fees in future quarters. This marks Linius’ entry into the existing large market for automated highlights with significant revenue potential. Automated highlights drive substantial utilization from viewers, increasing the potential variable revenues under the Linius commercial model. 

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