Linc Energy is an innovative, forward-thinking energy company and Australia's leader in clean coal technology.

Linc Energy has proven the combination of two technologies, Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and Gas to Liquids (GTL). Together these technologies have the potential to economically convert 'stranded' coal, from deep underground, into ultra-clean liquid fuels.

As oil prices climb and its demand across the globe increases, technologies to provide coal-rich, oil-reliant countries with energy security gathers importance.

Linc Energy's Chinchilla Demonstration Facility has set the scene for greater energy security having proven that coal, from deep underground can be gasified to create synthesis gas (known as syngas). The GTL technology at this facility works to produce syncrude (which requires refinement to create diesel and other liquid fuel products) from UCG syngas.

Linc Energy is well-positioned to take these proven technologies to UCG-suitable locations around Australia and the world.

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