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Lepidico - Path to best-in-class CO2 emissions intensity

• Opportunities identified for material reductions in Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions from already relatively low levels, with potential to be best-in-class at 3t CO2-e/t LCE
• Water consumption attributable to lithium production modest at 33m3/t with potential to reduce by 12% by using green-hydrogen for process heat, with further reductions identified
• Integrated Phase 1 Project footprint optimises the use of industrial land, while reclamation on closure will rectify legacies and lead to material environmental benefits
• Compelling environmental credentials are becoming essential for securing lithium offtake for use in electric vehicles to be sold into Europe and North America and for securing project debt

MONDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2021, PERTH: Lepidico is advancing well with discussions for supply of lithium hydroxide into the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. Excellence in environmental stewardship, which includes demonstrating that products have low associated CO2-e emissions, is now almost essential for chemicals supplied for EV manufacture, particularly for vehicle sales into the European and North American markets. This ethical sourcing of chemicals also extends to the evaluation of water and land usage, both of which can be challenging for certain types of lithium deposits and processes. This is not the case when employing Lepidico’s proprietary process technologies, which will be commercialised in the Company’s integrated Phase 1 Project that is now in its initial development phase.

Lepidico’s Managing Director, Joe Walsh, said: “Phase 1 is designed to demonstrate that the mining and hydrometallurgical processing of lithium mica minerals can produce lithium chemicals with industry leading environmental and social credentials. In recent months Lepidico has built on GHDs greenhouse gas emissions work and identified a realistic pathway to reduce already competitive Scope 1 and 2 emission intensity to an industry leading 3t CO2-e/t LCE. Alternatives have been identified to eliminate natural gas usage– which has the largest single reduction benefit to Phase 1’s emissions – and trade-off work has already begun to assess the optimal technology to employ. Considerable work has also been undertaken to demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders that water and land use are also relatively modest, which will be published shortly in Lepidico’s 2021 Sustainability Report, extracts from which are included in this release today.

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