King Solomon Mines Limited is exploring for gold and copper in Inner Mongolia, China. Its projects are located on the fringes of the Gobi Desert.

Inner Mongolia is a land-locked northern Chinese frontier region sharing approximately 3,200 km of border with Mongolia and approximately 1,000 km with Siberia.  It borders on eight other Chinese provinces or autonomous regions and is occupied by 49 ethnic groups for a total population of 23 million.  It is a land of Gobi desert fringe-lands, extensive rolling grasslands and low mountain ranges.  It is sparsely populated outside of the cities scattered along its southern fringe, the largest of which is the provincial capital, Hohhot (Pop 1.5 million).  Its area of 1.18 million sq km is comparable in size with South Australia and Victoria combined.  It was the homeland of Genghis Khan and is now a producer of grains and livestock products, energy and raw materials.

King Solomon has focused its exploration activities on Inner Mongolia because it is a large area of very high mineral prospectivity but with a still relatively immature exploration history.

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