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Immutep Investor Update

I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families safe and well.

All of us have been affected in some way by the current pandemic and it appears that the pandemic and global economic consequences are far from being over.

However, what I have found uplifting during this time is the global community and scientific response to the coronavirus pandemic. A renewed humanitarian motivation has prompted biotech and pharma companies, as well as academia from around the world, to contribute to a potential cure or treatment. In the frontline of fighting the disease have been the doctors and nurses in all the different affected countries.

We all owe them so much for their tireless work.

For me and the whole Immutep team, the pandemic has served as a reminder that we have an important role to play to improve the lives of patients, albeit cancer and autoimmune disease patients. It further motivates us to continue our efforts to develop LAG-3 technologies for patients and explore other potential areas, such as infectious disease where we feel efti could benefit patients by boosting their immune systems.

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