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INOVIQ - Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 4C - March 2024

In lodging the quarterly business update, new Chairman David Williams said “IIQ has a unique offering that is partly de-risked by having its technology launched in the market. Better still, starting now, our product will be in the hands of researchers around the globe and combined with great Promega technology, can be expected to yield new cancer test applications. While we are pursuing our own tests and trials in breast and ovarian cancers and neurological disorders, researchers and companies will be investigating a myriad of other uses for exosomes and we are earning revenue from it.”

Mr Williams went on to say that “my experience is that a company develops and launches its test and the clinicians find new applications. The attractive position INOVIQ has is that we are developing our own tests for breast and ovarian cancers and neurological disorders, but running alongside this is the worldwide research community using (and paying for) our exosome technology to find other applications."

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