Hygrovest is an Australian-listed, specialist investment company that has traded on the ASX since 2015. Investors in HGV gain exposure to a globally diversified portfolio focused on investing in private (typically pre-IPO) and public companies in high growth industries.

Hygrovest’s investments are largely minority holdings in Australian and offshore cannabis-related businesses reflecting the Company’s early focus. Following shareholder approval in December 2021, Hygrovest’s investment mandate has expanded to other high growth industries such as but not limited to, natural resources, healthcare and the digital economy. Sub-sectors identified include software as a service, e-sports, online gaming, sports betting, telehealth / virtual medicine, and fintech.

Investments are managed by Parallax Ventures Inc. (“Parallax”), a specialist management company in Canada, under a long-term strategic partnership.

Hygrovest and our shareholders have benefited from a significant number of investment opportunities through our connections in Canada and Australia in the private investment sector.

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