Hill End Gold Limited (HEG) is a strongly growing junior gold mining company with a clear focus on increasing resources and profitable gold production.

The Hill End Project tenements in New South Wales, Australia cover 1,210 square kilometres including the rich historical Hill End, Hargraves and Windeyer Goldfields, which together were one of the world's richest gold mining areas. Previous underground production averaged up to 10 ounces per tonne and large specimens were mined containing up to 3,000 ounces gold.

The HEG development strategy for the Hill End Project is to increase gold production from the Hawkins Hill - Reward deposit at Hill End and to develop the larger Hargraves BNH deposit with a targeted resource potential for the Project of 4 -5 million ounces.

HEG commenced underground production from Hawkins Hill Reward in 2008 and is extending and opening up resources to determine the scope of the mine for expansion planned during 2010.

At Hargraves, which is located 35km north of Hill End, HEG has partly diamond drilled the BNH deposit to a depth of 400 metres with intersections up to 4.2g/t over 75 metres from near surface. The deposit was discovered in 1851 with a 50kg piece of gold in quartz at surface and has been mined to 50 metres below surface. HEG plans further drilling to delineate resources beneath the extensive old workings at BNH and adjacent zones.

In Laos, the Lak Sao Project application area is located on the Troungson Belt, which also hosts the giant US$15b Sepon copper-gold project operated by Oxiana Limited. The Lak Sao area has numerous base metal and precious metal anomalies identified by previous prospectors, which are to be explored for the first time. Approvals for the Lak Sao Project Mineral Reconnaissance and Exploration Agreement are currently being processed by the Laos government and further development opportunities are under review.

The HEG Board and Management have an excellent track record in building and operating significant projects and companies in Australia and overseas.

Recognising the demand for physical gold, and particularly Hill End gold, HEG has gold investment bars available for shareholders to purchase through this website.

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