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First Graphene Announces Making Progress Towards PureGRAPHTM Concrete Additives


- PureGRAPHTM additives give a 34% increase in the compressive strength of concrete and a 27% increase in the tensile strength of concrete, when tested to international standard methods.

- PureGRAPHTM concrete additive is easily dispersed into the mortar using standard methods and can be selected to optimise performance; high aspect ratio materials are most effective.

- Reduced permeability giving reduced re-bar corrosion is an expected additional benefit.

First Graphene (FGR) continues to make excellent progress in developing PureGRAPHTM graphene additives for concrete products. Working within the Australian Research Council (ARC) Graphene Hub at the University of Adelaide significant improvements in the strength of concrete products has been demonstrated. In a systematic study, it has been confirmed that addition levels of 0.02% w/w of PureGRAPHTM additive, produces increases in compressive strength of 34% and increases in tensile strength of 27% in concrete mortars.

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