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First Graphene Announces Joining the University of Manchester as Founding Partner in World's Leading Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre


• FGR has joined the world’s leading Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre (GEIC) at the University of Manchester, UK, to accelerate graphene technology development and the commercial adoption of FGR products.

• The GEIC is a £60 million facility in the heart of the Advanced Materials Engineering campus and widely known as the “home of graphene”. It will drive the commercialisation of graphene and 2D materials and complements the existing £61 million National Graphene Institute, also at the University of Manchester.

• The GEIC has a 8,400 m2 facility equipped with state-of-the- art application and engineering equipment which will enable graphene technology development in composites, batteries, building materials and membranes. It’s mode of operation is to develop collaborative projects between university researchers, graphene suppliers, formulators and end users.

• FGR will now have access to the most advanced equipment and personnel on a collaborative basis, providing significant efficiencies and cost savings. FGR will utilise its membership of the GEIC to accelerate the development and commercialisation of industry leading products and build relationships with downstream partners and customers.

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