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Dotz achieves technology milestone for CO2 Capture

Key highlights

  • Completed the construction of a bench-scale unit, demonstrating the effectiveness of Dotz Earth technology;
  • Dotz Earth features a proprietary nano-porous carbon sorbent with high-adsorption capacity and high-selectivity for capturing CO2;
  • Process simulations of the nano-porous carbon sorbent in a Moving Bed Temperature Swing Process (MBTSA) resulted in a significant reduction in regeneration energy;
  • Data demonstrates superior results compared with existing commercial sorbents, suggesting potential to drive down the cost of carbon capture; and
  • Commenced design of a small-scale pilot unit to further advance the technology readiness.

Dotz Nano Limited (ASX: DTZ, OTC: DTZNY) (“Dotz” or “Company”), a leading developer of innovative climate and industrial nanotechnologies, today announced the completion of a bench-scale demonstration unit for its carbon capture technology, Dotz Earth. Validation testing and process simulation results of Dotz’s proprietary nano-porous carbon sorbent demonstrated enhanced properties compared with commercial carbon-based sorbents: greater adsorption capacity, better selectivity, and a reduction in regeneration energy.

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