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DomaCom Announces Launch of a Branded Mortgage Sub-Fund with an Initial $4.1 Million in the First Mortgage Investment Sector

DomaCom announces an allocation to two mortgage investments by our first branded Mortgage Fund with DFS Portfolio Solutions (DFSPS). The two first mortgages total approximately $4.1 Million, the first one has been drawn down with the second expected over the next few weeks.

DomaCom CEO, Arthur Naoumidis said, “DomaCom has been working with DFSPS for some time to bring about a branded retail mortgage sub-fund on the DomaCom platform that can be accessed by advisers and portfolio managers”.

“Until now this market was mostly accessed by sophisticated investors but as a model manager, DFSPS has unlocked the retail potential of the non-bank sector by making this sub-fund available to clients and advisers who utilise its portfolio services.”

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