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Dexus - 2019 Annual General Meeting

30 October 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting

Chair’s address

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Dexus’s 2019 Annual General Meeting. I would also like to welcome those joining us on the live webcast.

I’m Richard Sheppard, the Chair of the Board of Directors of Dexus Funds Management Limited, and I’ll table my appointment as Chair of today’s meeting and open the meeting.

Welcome to Dexus Place, which is our flexible space offering that we provide to our customers for meetings, training and events just like this. Earlier this month we opened Dexus Place in Perth, which now enables us to offer these facilities in five locations across the four core Australian property markets we invest in - connecting the east coast to the west.

I will commence the meeting with my address which will provide you with a high-level overview of what we achieved in the 2019 financial year and then I’ll hand over to our CEO, Darren Steinberg, who will cover some of our recent achievements. We will then turn to the formal aspects relating to the resolutions which were outlined in the Notice of Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum sent out in late-September.

I’ll start my presentation by looking at what Dexus is today.

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