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Centuria Capital Group - Condition to takeover bid for Primewest fulfilled

Centuria Capital Limited (ACN 095 454 336) and Centuria Funds Management Limited (ACN 607 153 588) as responsible entity for Centuria Capital Fund (ARSN 613 856 358) (together, Centuria) refers to its previously announced off-market takeover bid for all of the stapled securities in Primewest Group Limited (ACN 636 344 137) and the Primewest Property Fund (ARSN 636 405 635) whose responsible entity is Primewest Management Ltd (ACN 091 415 833) (together, Primewest) (Centuria Offer).

“Change of control” defeating condition to takeover bid fulfilled

Centuria refers to the “change of control” bid condition and announces that the various counterparty change of control consents, approvals or waivers required under the material financing arrangements, contracts or instruments to which a fund or entity managed by a Primewest group member is a party, have now been obtained.

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