Cashwerkz Limited

Cashwerkz Limited (ACN: 010 653 862), operates under Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number 260033.

The Cashwerkz Limited group of companies delivers an innovative online cash management marketplace in term deposit and At Call, whilst providing funding to an ever growing network of Authorised Deposit taking Institutions (ADIs) and thousands of financial advisers and direct investors. Headquartered in Australia the group comprises of Cashwerkz Technologies, RIM Securities and Trustees Australia.

Cashwerkz Technologies Pty Ltd

Cashwerkz Technologies Pty Ltd (Cashwerkz Technologies) leverages the latest technology to deliver an innovative and streamlined approach to investing in term deposits and bonds. Its online marketplace meets the growing demand for a trusted, reliable and secure online platform that direct investors and financial professionals can rely on to manage their defensive assets and transact cash investments seamlessly.

RIM Securities Ltd

RIM Securities established 14 years ago, is the independent fixed income specialist arm of Cashwerkz Limited. RIM securities have extensive experience in searching for the value to deliver stable income solutions to all types of investors who require custom solutions or access to wholesale markets across cash, term deposits and fixed bonds and floating rate notes.

Trustees Australia Limited

Trustees Australia will be responsible for a range of fixed income funds management solutions in line with the development of its system technologies. 

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