Cabcharge was established in 1976 as a means for taxi operators and drivers to manage non-cash fares. Today the Cabcharge electronic payment system is found in over 96% of Australian taxis, limousines and water taxis. It is also available in some fleets around the world.

Cabcharge, founded by Mr Reginald Kermode, Chairman and CEO since inception, started as a partnership between Taxi Combined Services and Yellow Cab Group. It listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 1999 and is now one of the top 200 companies in Australia. It has achieved double digit growth in every year since listing.

Cabcharge has diversified since it listed. Combined Communications Network (CCN) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cabcharge in January 2002. Cabcharge then acquired Black Cabs, the second largest taxi company in Melbourne, in August 2003. In co-operation with its Singapore based partner, ComfortDelGro, it acquired the Westbus Group in October 2005. The joint venture, ComfortDelGro Cabcharge, now operates Westbus, Hillsbus and Hunter Valley Buses.

Internationally, Cabcharge has had a long standing relationship with ComfortDelGro, the second largest listed land transport company in the world. It has joint venture arrangements with them in the UK covering taxis and hire cars in London, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Edinburgh. It is planned that these operations will provide a base for further expansion into Europe.

Cabcharge operates in one business segment, being the provision of taxi related services in Australia. Through its interest in an associate company, Cabcharge is also engaged in the provision of bus and coach services to customers in Australia. In Australia, Cabcharge's customer base spans accounts ranging from large corporations and government bodies to small business and individuals.

Cabcharge’s products include Cabcharge Card, Cabcharge Gift Card, Two part TAXI eTICKET, Cabcharge Taxi Management System and Cabcharge Fareway EFTPOS System. Its subsidiaries include Combined Communications Network Pty Ltd, Taxi Combined Services Pty Ltd, Silver Service Taxis Pty Ltd, Yellow Cabs of Sydney Pty Ltd, Cabcharge International Limited, Cabcharge New Zealand Limited, Cabcharge Investments Pty Ltd and Helpline Australia Pty Ltd.

The strength of Cabcharge is built on its close relationships with the taxi industry, leading edge technology, continuing innovation and the expertise and commitment of its people.

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