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Welcome to the revolution

BrainChip Holdings (ASX: BRN) is an Australian, ASX-listed semiconductor company that is producing a revolutionary
neuromorphic processor, called Akida. This chip is the first-ever digital computer chip that functions the same way the human brain does, i.e. it processes so-called spikes instead of conventional computer data.

Three solutions in one

The Akida processor can learn autonomously, even when the chip is already deployed in the field. It also improves the overall performance of artificial intelligence (AI)-dominated systems by substantially reducing latency and power consumption. Additionally, given that Akida can do most of its processing on-chip rather than rely on data centers, there’s no need for continuous internet connections.

In other words, Akida helps solve three big problems, that today’s AI solutions struggle with, all at once. Specifically, Akida needs no, or much lower, internet bandwidth, it uses substantially less power, and it takes Edge Computing to the next level through its much lower latency.

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