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BluGlass Announces Latest RPCVD Data Presented by Invitation at a Nitrides Industry Workshop & Files New Patent Application

Australian technology innovator, BluGlass Limited (ASX:BLG) has today presented its latest RPCVD technical data at the Workshop for Ultra-Precision Processing for Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors (WUPP) in the USA.

BluGlass was invited to present at the 5th International WUPP workshop, which gathers many of the leading groups and companies in the nitrides community to discuss various topics ranging from LEDs, Laser Diodes and power electronics. The workshop will contribute to the further advancement of wide bandgap semiconductor devices through mixing researchers in wide bandgap semiconductors and ultra-precision processing.

BluGlass also announced today that it has filed a new provisional patent application and will continue to strategically file patent applications as key advances are demonstrated.

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