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BluGlass Announces New BLG-300 Chamber Meets Uniformity Targets

Key Points:

• The upgraded BLG-300 demonstrates thickness uniformity over 2, 4 and 6-inch wafers

• LED efficiency already demonstrated on par with previous best RPCVD results and with significantly improved performance uniformity

• Scaling design from BLG-180 to the BLG-300 has worked successfully and is anticipated to be applicable to larger RPCVD platforms

Australian technology innovator, BluGlass Limited (ASX:BLG) has today announced that the upgraded BLG-300 chamber has demonstrated RPCVD deposition uniformity within BluGlass’ targets for LED wafers, up to six inch in size.

BluGlass is commercialising a breakthrough semiconductor technology called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) for the manufacture of next generation LEDs, power electronics and solar cells, that offers manufacturers a number of advantages including higher performance and lower cost.

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